Hi there. I’m a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, where I direct the Master of Bioethics degree program.


I’m also an author and public speaker. Scroll down for more information on me and my latest book IN PAIN, or poke around to take a look at both my popular and scholarly writing.



I’m a philosopher by training, bioethicist by profession, and communicator by passion. To find out more about my background and work,



In Pain: A Bioethicist’s Personal Struggle with Opioids is now available.



Summer/Fall 2019:

July 9 @ 7PM (Baltimore, MD): The Ivy Bookshop

July 15 @ 7PM (Washington, DC): Politics & Prose

August 2 @ 8:15AM (Charleston, WV): West Virginia Substance Use Disorder Symposium

August 8 @ 12PM (Baltimore, MD): PM&R Grand Rounds

August 14 @ 6PM (Las Vegas, NV): Clark County Medical Society

August 15 @ 5PM (Las Vegas, NV): Clark County Medical Society

September 10 @ 12PM (Online): Grand Rounds at Trillium Health System, Toronto

September 11 @ 8:05AM (Andrews AFB, MD): Annual Substance Use Disorder Symposium

September 12 @ 5:30PM (New York, NY): Bioethics and Opioids at NYU

September 19 @ 12:15PM (Syracuse, NY): PHPM Grand Rounds, SUNY Upstate

September 19 @ 5PM (Syracuse, NY): Consortium for Culture and Medicine Seminar, SUNY Upstate

September 23 @ 7PM (Ellicott City, MD): Howard County Library

September 24 @ 12PM (Baltimore, MD): Special Lecture Series, NIA, Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus

September 30 @ 7PM (Baltimore, MD): Baltimore County Library

October 7 @ 11AM (Syracuse, NY): Ethical Issues in Developing Substance Use Countermeasures

October 8 @ 6PM (New York, NY): Kavli Conversation on Science Communication, with Beth Macy

October 18 @ TBD (Ottawa, ON): AFMC Response to Opioid Crisis Summit

October 25 @ 12PM (Pittsburgh, PA): University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Symposium

October 26 @ 1:15PM (Pittsburgh, PA): Bioethics Book Club at the ASBH Annual Meeting

October 29 @ 9AM (Orland, FL): Keynote at the International Conference on Person-Centered Care

November 2 @ 11AM (Greenwich, CT): ONSF Medical Education Conference Keynote

November 6 @ 4:30PM (Baltimore, MD): Responsible Practices During America’s Opioid Epidemic: Keynote Panel

November 8 @ 5:30PM (Baltimore, MD): Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

November 9 @ 1:45PM (Baltimore, MD): Doctors for America National Conference Plenary

November 20 @ TBD (Fairfield, CT): Sacred Heart University

November 22 @ TBD (New York, NY): Yeshiva University

Winter/Spring 2020 (Updated regularly—more events and info soon!):

January 23 @ TBD (Houston, TX): Houston Methodist Hospital

March 7 @ 8:57AM (Las Vegas, NV): AANS/CNS Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral Nerves Annual Meeting

March 27 @ TBD (Atlanta, GA): Healthcare Ethics Consortium Annual Meeting

April 17 @ TBD (Baltimore, MD): Annual Smith Rounds, Kimmel Cancer Center

April 28 @ TBD (Washington, DC): NCQA Conference

May 6 @ 11am (Stanford, CA): Stanford Center for Bioethics

For speaking inquiries please contact:

Lauren Carnali

Manager, HarperCollins Speakers Bureau


Ph. 212-207-7719