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Early praise for In Pain:

“Travis Rieder’s gripping In Pain illuminates just how unprepared doctors are to treat pain while offering a multi-faceted examination of the raw sadness, fatalism and misery experienced by opioid users who unwittingly find themselves “dopesick,” or in painful withdrawal. This book will engender empathy not just for patients like Rieder, who find themselves trapped in a byzantine system that too often abandons them, but also for the 2.6 million Americans suffering from opioid use disorder. In Pain is a call for nuance and understanding, full of clear-eyed suggestions for doctors struggling to weigh the risks of addiction with treating pain, as well as a guidebook for any one of us who might yet end up in their care.” (Beth Macy, author of Dopesick)

“With this smart, riveting, real-life account, the author proves himself a convincing and effective advocate for opioid use reform. A harrowing cautionary narrative that speaks to patients and physicians alike on the ugly reality of the enduring opioid epidemic.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Upcoming Book Talks:

May 1 @ 12PM (Washington, DC): Science Writers Speaker Series: A Conversation with Travis Rieder

May 31 @ 8:30AM (Baltimore, MD): Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, ACS

June 5 @ 10:20AM (Destin, FL): LJC/LSBA Joint Summer School

June 18 @ TBD (New York, NY): 92nd Street Y

June 24 @ TBD (Kankakee, IL): Book Talk and Signing

July 9 @ 7PM (Baltimore, MD): The Ivy Bookshop

July 15 @ 7PM (Washington, DC): Politics & Prose

August 2 @TBD (Charleston, WV): WV Substance Use Disorder Symposium

September 11 @TBD (Andrews AFB, MD): Annual Substance Use Disorder Symposium

September 23 @TBD (Ellicott City, MD): Howard County Library

October 29 @TBD (Orland, FL): Keynote at the International Conference on Person-Centered Care

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