I've shared views and contributions in print, audio, and video for national and international outlets including TED.com, NPR, and the Washington Post.

Below are just a few selected media appearances. For a complete list, see my full CV.

Opioid Crisis

Motorcycle Crash Shows Bioethicist the Dark Side of Quitting Opioid Alone” on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Why changing how we view pain can help us address the opioid crisis.” Excerpt from In Pain, adapted for ideas.ted.com.

The Perilous Blessing of Opioids.” In the Wall Street Journal.

"The agony of opioid withdrawal—and what doctors should tell patients about it." Presented at TEDxMidAtlantic and featured on TED.com.

Is it Wrong to Ask Your Doctor for Opioids?” In The Conversation. Republished by Quartz and Business Insider.

An Ethical Dilemma for Doctors: When is it OK to Prescribe Opioids?” In The Conversation. Republished by STATand Salon.

A Bioethical Framework for Opioid Prescribing.” On APA’s Medical Mind Podcast

A Harrowing Story of Opioid Withdrawal.” In On The Record, WYPR. 

Doctors Prescribed Me Pain Meds but Couldn’t Help Me Get Off Them.” Washington Post (excerpt from Health Affairs). 

Climate Change

Pulling Out of the Paris Agreement is Unconscionable.” In The Conversation.

As Environmental Catastrophe Looms, Is It Ethical to Have Children?” In Foreign Policy Magazine.

Dear Mr. Trump: Climate Policy Puts Lives in Your Hands.” In The Conversation.  

Bioethicist: The Climate Crisis Calls for Fewer Babies.”  In The Conversation. Republished by The Guardian and The New Republic.

Should We be Having Kids in the Age of Climate Change?” by Jennifer Ludden. Aired on NPR’s All Things Considered

Philosophical Ethics

Travis Rieder on Bioethics.” Podcast interview on Public Health United

The Philosophy of Parenting—Part 1.” On ABC Radio’s Philosopher’s Zone (Australia).

The Ethics Issue: Should We Impose Population Controls?” In New Scientist

Is the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ an Ethical Choice for Voters?” In The Conversation. Republished by The Washington Post, and Salon.

Don’t Make a Three-Person Baby. Adopt Instead.” In Wired Magazine.